I am excited to have you on my path...

My name is Griet Johanna...

With my First Start-Up I created a corporate wellness marketplace, during this journey, I turned spiritual. 

Through my entrepreneurship journey I got to experience the Law of Attraction on the first seat.

I became my own "life" experiment studying health, relationships, nutrition, business strategy, attracting soulmates, letting go of soulmates, using law of attraction, attracting financial abundance, ...


My deepest purpose became visible. Every day. I am here to connect to the depth of humanity..

My passion is to coach eager to learn Professionals who are already driven from within. I'm here to speed you up and be your mirror to achieve your deepest purpose and desires. 

I am blunt but honest, determined and will guide you to listen to your body, I set high standards, just not as high as the ones you have already set for yourself, I'll help you dream bigger, to cry and let go to fully surrender into the earth and have all your dreams come true. Quick. 

My approach is radically different. I will never do the same thing twice.

I'll help you be YOU, your own brand, in times you doubt "who you are".


There's 3 things I work about. 

1) "MoovTantra" Play with other human being surrendering deep and boosting each other. Attract your soulmate and find deep transformation.

2) "MoovDigiNomad" Connect with yourself, be FREE of space and time and create your DREAM WORKLIFE. 

3) "MoovDreamjob" Share your healthy vibes creating your DREAM WORKLIFE 

These are the areas of my life that help me connect with myself.  

This is the DEPTH I want to take you in. 

If working together does not result in you being  angry, confused or crying, on a regular basis... and then laughing, sinking in deep into surrender feeling pure joy just 5 minutes later, I won't have done a good job.


I'll guide you through the emotional scale to set you free and unleash the power of feminine energy, balanced with ACTION and your masculine energy.

Connect with Soulmates MoovTantra

Your DreamWorkLife


Sharing my selfs' thoughts & emotions through real-life experiences

October 18, 2019

I was playing with my tantric partner and I felt a deep sense of acceptance, of surrender to life and fulfillment.

I think I’ve experienced all I wanted in this lifetime. I feel blessed, I went deep into dark and shadow work and came out lighter. I feel free, fulfilled,...

February 24, 2019

I said "Goodbye, see you never again".

When I felt this was just the beginning. 

It's very normal to have the subject of your love be the subject of your anger and sadness too

There's 5 main emotions and when you are entirely open to someone you feel all of them towards...

October 2, 2018

Dear reader,

My words.. Are a collection of feelings.

Of relationships in my life.

Of people that trigger me.

I call all of them "you".

Of insights.

I believe every person I meet is a mirror of my own inner world.

So when I write, I go full on. But then, I shift the "you" to...

July 30, 2018

Falling in love during three Days of facilitating Tantra/Reiki 

Part 1: How it makes me feel to share this gift

Part 2: LoveStories my heart will remember forever 

Part 3: How to be falling in love every day of your life 

Enjoy beautiful! ;-)

 Image: Beautiful friend,...

July 12, 2018

"Once there was a thousand-legged animal. He perfectly walked with thousand legs. Someone asked him "how" does you move 1000 legs simultaneously. He didn't know. He'd try to find out. Once he started thinking about it, he couldn't walk anymore."

Our brains are changing....

June 25, 2018

Mmmmm.. A New Day... I love it.. New potential... New things will unfold...


-- Uber Gratitude --

I love you. I respect you. I admire you.

I cannot say it to your eyes. Yet.

The words still hurt.

My heart cannot open fully. Yet.

I still feel pain. For the last time, the las...

June 14, 2018

Conscious Relationships.

Staying in "now".

Only focusing on "now".

Observing thoughts about past & future and letting them be.

Recognizing what isn't serving me and shifting my beliefs.


When you change your mind, you change your world.

It is so true.

Whilst before I'd...

June 6, 2018

I feel in such a "happy place"

A welcome place

A life of joy

A life of fulfillment

A life of conscious movement through energies 

 Feeling: All flowers in my mind, there will always be darkness but the flowers just keep coming and manifesting

Source: Beautiful artwork by htt...

May 16, 2018

So it took me two weeks.

And a "challenge" with 3 friends.

To let go of Australia.

To ground in my next city.

To embody everything I experienced.

With a new awareness of what I need, want in relationships.

I could feel the deep desire yet not being ready yet.

Until last night...

May 9, 2018

In flow and momentum, meeting the same night

Wow. Thank you universe! I almost can’t believe my eyes. Heaven! So direct, guts, poetic, soft and yet exciting. What a wonderful message!

I like him. And it looks like we have a lot of similar interests! Interesting, my new T...

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