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Marie & Johanna

Thank you for following your intuition and entering this frequency.

We are curious if our article, our current path in life, resonates with yours.

We are sharing in all openness how we feel, what we think and how we are healing ourselves.

Feel the parts that resonate and from that feeling you’ll find your truth and your healing.



Johanna & Marie.


Some background information.


We will be writing this blog anonymously. We think.

To be able to share with as much detail and authenticity as possible, we want to be able to share interactions and feelings that other beautiful souls trigger in us. The beauty but also the pure rawness, pain and following emotional release. We love openness but are not ready to open this. We’ll feel when we are, and might conceal our identity then. For now.. We will call ourselves Johanna and Marie.


We are writing together as “we”

Before we fought. I was just Marie and it was really hard for me to get Marie’s attention (Marie’s belly now warming up and tears come into her eyes when she thinks all the years she didn’t allow me in..) Marie wanted to belong in the world, by pleasing her mind, her environment and saw her body, and so her guidance system as a tool she had to control.


When Marie went through her path of life and starting feel “burned-out”, she was inspired by a lot of “big thinkers” and followed their advice to “start questioning everything in life”. When the questions started coming (a lot (!) of them because Marie is extremely eager to learn), answers suddenly started coming too. Marie was so confused! How could she know all of this? Before, she never really knew what to say or had some techniques or standard replies. And suddenly infinite knowledge came from deep inside her body.


Marie could now feel her body, each cell, and observe thoughts and emotions coming through. She always says it’s coming from her heart or deep belly area… When Marie asked for a “guide” to help her understand, a beautiful soul entered her life and guiding her to find her answers.


He helped her to find me, Johanna. I’m Marie’s inner voice. I help Marie enter the Akasha Cronics or world’s best kept library of everything every soul has experienced and learned. I guide her and answer questions by giving her access to the Akasha. Together we’re a team.


Marie’s exploding from energy now and is exploring the world like she’s a 3-year old taking little steps. Marie’s the one asking the questions and feeling all sensations in her body, observing her thought patterns. And me, Johanna, I help her get access to find her answers. So we’ll be writing as “we” and somethies from Marie’s or Johanna’s view point.


We connected and are now working together. It still happens that Marie her ego takes over, but deep inside I tell her what she needs to know and she does feel it, whatever storm of mental thoughts are passing. (wow Marie feels this in her yoni now, a warm, soft glow, her body telling her she’s writing what she should be writing..)  


Dear you,

We hope you enjoy our stories and they can be a path in your beautiful live!


Marie & Johanna

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