Connect with Soulmates
My Story 

I attracted my first Soulmate when I was just 19 years old. 

We went through life together, graduating, backpacking the world, our first house, our first job, ... 

We felt our paths weren't connecting anymore after 10 years and I entered a journey of solo-travel and life. 

At first I was confused. I felt the world the was carved out was suited for couples. 

The world created by my own beliefs didn't have beautiful tropical islands for "just me".

It took me a couple of years to let go of my previous "world beliefs" and creating new bubbles!

Bubbles where I learned to discover a whole new way of relating with myself and with others. 

I blended Tantra, Buddhism, and researched over 100.000 of my thoughts in just one year.

I started working with myself, inspiring souls, soulmates couples, groups to experience the "Kundalini" or one-ness that Tantra talks about. 


"In true love-making, in encounter can be so deep there is no more physical reality and you end up in a flow of being, of love never before experienced. It takes away all fear and brings an immense high virbration of love, unity, and wisdom, fulfilling answer to all questions you ever posed. These encounters are "sacred" and can boost energy for months"

Without being aware, through my own experience and by applying "Tantric" communication where I hold one important principle "Hold Space for another where every emotion is welcome", take distance of my own thoughts and allow my own emotions to flow through me,  to serve as a mirror. A true mirror.

"We are not meant to agree with each other, not to rationally discuss, we are created to help each other get into alignmement so each one of each can follow our own path and journey. Yes. We feel each other deeply, to the point where one can take over others' thoughts and feel other's emotions or dis-ease."

I will gladly mirror you and share how I learned to let other's thoughts and emotions flow THROUGH me rather than take them IN me. 

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