I am here to serve.

My customers are my best friends. 

The only teachers I believe in, our the teachers whose life I'd want. 

If I want to learn about tantra to create intimacy, I'd look for a teacher who makes me feel intimate with her./er 

When I wanted to learn about true connection, I read books and FELT my way through authors that made me feel ture connection. I then started "thinking like they think" to reprogram my mindset to match their and FEEL the outcome. 

When I started a business I looked for advice of business owners whose "life" I wanted to have.

I didn't want to work 14 hours a day, I looked for all parts of the puzzle of what "I" want in my life and each of my teachers came on my path naturally learning me their puzzle. 

Each of my teachers, I FEEL connected with. 

Through words, through pictures. 

I want to be that for you. 

You are my dream customer:

  • You have guts 

  • You've probably always been an over-achiever and perfectionist

  • You are gifted and have many talents

  • You know the law of attraction works but feel there's things you are holding on too

  • You have the Millennial values: you live from purpose, deep connection and love

  • You are independent and

  • You have started your own empire and know you are good in what you do. 

  • Being able to attract whatever you desire also makes you sad, what do your really value most? 

  • You are a women, you feel deeply, yet your rational-brain is over-active , you want to connect deeper with the true yin of softness inside you to feel like an Egyptian goddess! You probably attract men easily but find it hard to find "the one" andtrust him so you can fully surrender to him

  • You are a men, you feel deeply, yet your rational brain is often over-active as a protection-mechanism in this world, you want to be freed and live even more through your feeling, you attract the most amazing women that are mirroring you in left-brain and all you desire is to attract your fire-woman and be able to have her surrender and trust you fully without trying to be "in control" of you. You love the width of feminine emotion and love a fully open Shakti but the overload of stimuli can overwhelm and you'd love to learn how to provide when you're not able to give your full masculine divine focus. 


So if you resonate with me based on my own previous life experiences: 

Connect with yourself & heal yourself

When I broke my knee, doctors told me I could never run again. Well I did. I ran a 20km and won a 5k competition. 

It wasn't about the competition and I'm not preaching this is the best way, but you CAN recover.

I broke my other knee, tore my calf muscle and shoulder muscle, got my hip dislocated and got a stomach hernai.

I healed of it, yet my biggest lesson apart from "don't fear you can heal everything" was why did all of this happen. 

Learning about self-love, tantra and how my body guides me has been the biggest inner  calmth and fulfillment I can ever imagine.  I look at "doctors" in a different way. Whether it's Eastern or Western  medicine, they help me rationally by sharing what's going on in my body right now, so I can use that to have my brain focus on the healing proces. I notice my brain is overstimulated in most environment and a little help is so welcome! 

Connect with yourself and your passion

Ever since I was a kid I lived from my inner drive.

I wrote and got my first song recorded when I was 7 in a 5-girl music band. 

I started my first nail polish and christmas card businesses around age 12. 

The next years were all about my passion of becoming a gymnast in trampolining.

I won the Belgium championships 2x after hearing at age 6 I was too "muscled" and couldn't enter competitive gymnastics. 

Doing business from passion.

Three years into my first startup I almost burned out.

How was it possible doing my "dream" that I felt drained?

I radically shifted my mindset and started meditating and working towards 4-hour workweeks.

I quit our office and started out as a digital nomad.

I choose myself, my health and my life first.

Connect with soulmates

Ever since I was a teenager I dreamt of my "white prince". 

I wrote about how I'd feel, how he'd nourish and love me. 

It took time, patience and lots of dating to attract my first soulmate at age 19. 

Years later I felt deeply I had to let him go. We could both feel going into other directions in life.

I never was able to rationally fully understand until I saw the clear purpose of the relationship.

"Everyone needs a solo-year" in their life. 

I agreed. This was huge. I could for the first time choose my furniture, where I wanted to live, ... without any compromise. 

I longed for touch without long commitments.

My thoughts pushed me into new things yet deep inside I enjoyed my thirty-something freedom. 

Connect with the world

I've lived in over 15 countries in just one year. 

I've tried it all.

I had no clue where I wanted to live.

Thinking about "buying" a house in a city made me feel "imprisoned".

Via law of attraction I intuitively started solo-traveling.

I found ways to meet people.

I create simple intuitive methods to fulfill my huge need for human touch and contact.

I attracting belonging to a community in a new city in just one day. 

I love cocreating with everyone along my path via TEAL organisations. 

If this is you, let's have some fun! 


With all the most clear intentions

Griet Johanna

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