I am excited to have you on my path...

My name is Griet Johanna...

With my First Start-Up I created a corporate wellness marketplace, during this journey, I turned spiritual. 

Through my entrepreneurship journey I got to experience the Law of Attraction on the first seat.

I became my own "life" experiment studying health, relationships, nutrition, business strategy, attracting soulmates, letting go of soulmates, using law of attraction, attracting financial abundance, ...


My deepest purpose became visible. Every day. I am here to connect to the depth of humanity..

My passion is to coach eager to learn Professionals who are already driven from within. I'm here to speed you up and be your mirror to achieve your deepest purpose and desires. 

I am blunt but honest, determined and will guide you to listen to your body, I set high standards, just not as high as the ones you have already set for yourself, I'll help you dream bigger, to cry and let go to fully surrender into the earth and have all your dreams come true. Quick. 

My approach is radically different. I will never do the same thing twice.

I'll help you be YOU, your own brand, in times you doubt "who you are".


There's 3 things I work about. 

1) "MoovTantra" Play with other human being surrendering deep and boosting each other. Attract your soulmate and find deep transformation.

2) "MoovDigiNomad" Connect with yourself, be FREE of space and time and create your DREAM WORKLIFE. 

3) "MoovDreamjob" Share your healthy vibes creating your DREAM WORKLIFE 

These are the areas of my life that help me connect with myself.  

This is the DEPTH I want to take you in. 

If working together does not result in you being  angry, confused or crying, on a regular basis... and then laughing, sinking in deep into surrender feeling pure joy just 5 minutes later, I won't have done a good job.


I'll guide you through the emotional scale to set you free and unleash the power of feminine energy, balanced with ACTION and your masculine energy.

Connect with Soulmates MoovTantra

Your DreamWorkLife


Sharing my selfs' thoughts & emotions through real-life experiences

January 17, 2018

My last resource.


It's 2.33 am. 

I've checked the organ clock. Liver is detoxing. 

It's weird! 

Yesterday I had a yoga class and I was soo tired! I could go to sleep right away!

Last night a friend came over and we meditated, and also.. I could rushed into sleep...


January 5, 2018

This morning, we walked together to the bus, you kissed me goodbye. 

It didn't feel like goodbye.

The hours before, we cuddled, teased, did tantra, enjoyed each other..

And for the first time since I'm single, I felt safe.

You make me feel safe. 

We might see each other aga...

January 5, 2018

Spiritual awareness of the woman

In the tantric tradition, the woman is considered to be higher than the man so far as the tantric initiations are concerned. This should by no means be understood as a social claim. It is purely a spiritual attitude in relation to the ev...

January 1, 2018


The year I discovered Tantra or the year I realised I had to connect with myself first. 

With my body, my mind & my soul. 

And once aligned. It happened. I could not explain in words.

So I started asking others and would love to share these conversations.

 Source: htt...

December 30, 2017


Thank you for sharing this vibration and visiting us.

We are Marie and Johanna, writing from authenticity & honesty.  

M = Marie or ego. J = Johanna or higher self. Read more in "about us"

We believe the "WHY" is thé most important thing in life.

So we alw...

December 25, 2017

Cocooning to integrate & heal on Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve, the 24th of December. 

The first Christmas eve in a decade that I'm not visiting my ex-love's family, my ex-family.

I don't feel the word "ex". I don't like the feeling of "separateness" it's holding. For...

December 17, 2017

*I'm writing this for or all women who have ever felt they weren't  (sexually) enough, were in pain during sex and were afraid never being able to fully let their sexual potential shine..There is a hope.. It's  beautiful and it's called Tantra... Or how your biggest pa...

October 17, 2017

You told me I'm too intense, you need more space. 

So after amazing experiences it's time to let go, to say goodbye.. 

During this goodbye, honesty, authenticity and came up from a channel deep inside of me bringing a message to all people in the world..

"We grow up...

October 2, 2017

After being in a long relationship of almost 10 years, I was soo curious to open up my sexuality and explore my femininity. I'd had some spiritual encounters & "Tantra" came on my path.

I started reading & eventually, as I do with everything I want to learn, I...

September 30, 2017

This blog "the healing mirror" is a reflection of my quest to become "a sexually orgastic and spiritually ecstatic women" (phrasing the words of  my biggest inspiration and tantra goddess Margot Anand) .

All my life I've been driven to find "ecstacy" in life's experienc...

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